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If you are not sure whether yoga is for you, these recent comments from current students may help...

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"I just wanted to thank you for last night’s class.  I am much more mobile this morning and much less pain.  I did some of the exercises again this morning and will keep at it.  Yoga has yet again proved to be so much more than just a couple of hours out!  I did struggle to make myself come last night, but I’m so glad I did."

"Love this class as I’m a big lady and wasn’t quite sure at first, but I didn’t have to worry. I had stiff ankles at the start and couldn’t get into wellies, but now I can bend my ankles. I feel so energised & relaxed after the class. A big thank you".

 "Love the classes. I've spent a bit of time in India and find the East/West Balance and the right balance of humour, help and clear descriptions of what we have to do in the classes, combined with the variety and 'type' of yoga perfect."

"This is my life saver. Stress relief – I live for this class. I feel so thankful to do this – so good for my mind. Thank you"