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For many the doorway into yoga is through asana, the practice of physical posture.  As we move our bodies through various poses we learn to observe our movement, with interest and without judgement - noticing what we feel, where we feel it, how we breathe with our movement and how that affects us. This attitude of gentle observation, developing moment by moment awareness, we can then take off the mat and bring into our daily lives, enabling us to act consciously rather than react, and become more present and receptive to life.  The more we practice, the more we find ourselves able to connect with a stillness beneath the demands of routines and responsibilities, providing a respite and state of relaxation where it wasn't before. Regular practice of yoga also has many physical, physiological and psychological benefits (read more) which may include improved flexibility, strength and posture, complemented by increased vitality and mental clarity. 




Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age or experience.  

All you need to bring with you is a yoga mat, a warm blanket and an open mind.

Let yoga do the rest.



1830 - 2000 hrs

Open Class, Village Hall, Kilmelford (Drop-in £10 or 6 classes £55)


0930 - 1100 hrs

1800 - 1930 hrs

Open Class, Seil Island Hall, Ellenabeich (Drop-in £8.50 or 6 classes £45)

Open Class, Rockfield Centre, Oban (Drop-in £10 or 6 classes £55, pre-booking essential)


1000 - 1130 hrs 

1815 - 1945 hrs

Community Class for Carers, Rockfield Centre, Oban (please contact North Argyll Carers Centre)



Open Class, Seil Island Hall, Ellenabeich (Drop-in £8.50 or 6 classes £45) 

 Questions?  Contact Karen  

"Whether you do your first Downward Dog at 14 or 40, it's not your history but your presence on the mat that counts"

TKV Desikachar


Private Sessions

A one-to-one session can be a wonderful opportunity for a confidence building introduction to yoga or a chance to deepen one's existing practice. Sessions are tailored to the unique requirements of the student and are held in Karen's beautiful home studio on the Isle of Seil.

​The studio can accommodate up to 2 students for asana practice (posture / movement practice) plus the teacher - a perfect chance to practice with a friend or partner.


£25 for a 60 minute session; £35 for a 90 minute session

**NEW** for 2020


 Mini Retreat

Take a morning for yourself, or with a friend, to explore your practice in more depth.  This could include pranayama (breathwork), asana  (posture/movement) and meditation practice, according to interest.  There will be ample opportunity to study poses of particular interest in depth and to address any wider topics that arise. The morning will include a refreshment break.  

9.00am to 1.00pm, £80 

Contact Karen for further information or to make a booking

"One-to-one yoga lessons with Karen have been a huge help for my back problems.  I leave every session feeling an inch taller and walking on air, but also, more importantly, having learnt things that I can carry forward into daily life to help maintain the improvement."  Christine​

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