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Kind Words

If you are not sure whether yoga is for you, these recent comments from current students may help...

Not having done any yoga before joining Karen’s classes my initial motivation was to increase flexibility to offset a sedentary desk job and general age-related creakiness, but I have come to really value the sense of inner peace at the end of each class. The classes have also helped with long-standing back pain. Karen is very encouraging and gives alternative options so that there is something for everyone regardless of ability/bendiness, and the new on-line classes work really well. Thank you so much Karen, we are really lucky to have you.  SW

Fabulous classes. Just makes you feel really good about yourself in mind and body.
I would recommend Karen's classes to anyone who has an inclination to try yoga.
I have enjoyed every single class and always find them so beneficial. No matter how I am
feeling (in mind and body) at the beginning of a class I feel much better afterwards.  

 I think of Karen's classes as more meditation with my body. It's always a transporting break from reality. Inevitably, I arrive a ball of stress and leave blissed out. The classes are both accessible and challenging, and I always have a wee giggle at one point or another, which is also so appreciated. Thanks, Karen.  BG

No pressure, but this is becoming a highlight of my week…  PE

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