My online yoga classes are planned to be accessible to all participants, with options to modify the movements as the class proceeds.  Please always listen to your body as you practice and make sure that you stay within your level of mobility and ability. 

I do not accept pregnant students, but can recommend teachers who do, please ask.

Please inform me before each session if there are any changes to issues, physical or otherwise, which may affect your practice and of which I may not currently be aware.  Similarly, new students wishing to join must contact me prior to the first session for a quick chat, just as we do in a face to face situation.

Before the session starts, please check you are practising in a safe area and your device is placed where you can easily see the screen.

Always have your microphone on MUTE and check periodically that it remains off.

Your camera can remain ON so that I can observe students in class and offer support. 

If you wish to turn your camera off for privacy, that is always your prerogative.  If possible place your device where I can see you on the mat and select SPEAKER VIEW on your device.

By accessing and participating in this class you confirm that you have read and understood this disclaimer.