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Embracing the Change

October date to be confirmed
10 am to 4pm


Half of the world's popluation will make the transition through menopause, a transition that is every bit as life changing as puberty.

Culturally, we have a lot of time and patience for the changes and surprises that puberty brings, but often much less sympathy for those that occur during menopause, which can be equally, if not dramatically more, challenging.

If we consider that the start of perimenopause is generally around 42 years old, lasting roughly 10 years or more, and that an average full life in the west is around 80 years for women, then we actually spend the a third of our lives in post menopause, and almost half of it if we include perimenopause.

So why not make the most of it?

Why not embrace the changes that come with the journey towards and through menopause?

Reframe this transition as one of opportunity and the coming of a

Second Spring?

Research has shown that a slow, attentive yoga practice which incorporates movement, breathwork and meditation can ease and alleviate many of the most common symptoms of menopause.

Join me for a full day workshop to learn techniques to ease your journey through this transformative time.

The day will include:

 *  3 practical, tailored yoga sessions to support some of the common menopausal symptoms with specific asana, breathing techniques and restorative poses for each symptom.

*  "What's happening to me?"  A talk to discuss the basic facts of menopause and what is happening to your body and brain.

*  A questionnaire to determine your individual Ayurvedic constitution, or dosha, which will help you understand your menopausal experience more clearly and offer supportive suggestions.

*  Teas, coffee and a light lunch

The workshop is limited to 6 women.



Kind words from a few of the lovely ladies who joined the last workshop:

"Thank you very much Karen for an amazing experience yesterday.  Something has shifted and I am still mulling it over, so really looking forward to seeing you ...and  working on what we learned on Sunday.

We are so lucky to have you."  L

"I really valued yesterday and felt very chilled... The lunch was amazing and the company was lovely - what a lovely group of ladies.  Thank you so much for sharing your learning we are so lucky to have this in our community."  A

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