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December Workshop

Balancing Opposites

Saturday 12th December

10 am to 1 pm, online


Christmas is nearing and many of us are juggling a sense of frustration or disappointment on one hand that it will be 'different', while on the other hand we accept that this is the right thing to do in the circumstances to protect ourselves and our family.

How can we learn to balance these opposites?

This is what we do in Yoga throughout our practice - 

In Asana (movement), we balance the sense of rising and rooting, centring and expanding, ease and effort...

In Pranayama (breathwork), we learn to balance the chambers of the body and bring balance to the nervous system...

In Nidra (deep relaxation and guided meditation), we explore the body, breath and the layers of feelings, emotions, thoughts and beliefs to be able to be with whatever arises.

Join me for a full morning of practice, explore how Yoga can lead us to a sense of equanimity and balance as the year moves to its end.

Saturday 12th December, online, 10 am to 1 pm, £15

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