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Charity Support

Yoga practice is always engaged with the world. It cannot be any other way because my actions always have an effect. - Michael Stone

As yogis we are aware of the benefits that a regular yoga practice can offer, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Practicing together we feel a sense of community and connection.  However, yoga does not ‘happen’ in isolation in a class; we can move from the mat and out into our local community, making sure the benefit of practice ripples out to support others.


At regular intervals we donate the proceeds of our classes, or I donate my time to offer free classes, to local charities who do vital work to support our community.   


Over the past years we have been honoured to support:

North Argyll Young Carers

Argyll and Bute Rape Crisis

Dove Centre

North Argyll Carers Centre

Seil Island Hall Fund

Argyll Animal Aid

Hope Kitchen

North Argyll Voluntary Car Scheme

Martyn's Monday Club

Breast Cancer Now

Pink Ladies Day

Argyll Wellbeing Hub



If you are connected with a local charity and would be interested to learn more, please get in touch.  Support can be in the form of donations or classes for clients.

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