Introduction to Pranayama

Mon, Aug 03
Introduction to Pranayama
A six week introduction to Pranayama, the ancient yogic practice of breath regulation.

A six week introduction to Pranayama, the ancient yogic practice of breath regulation. 


We will explore basic foundation practices and specific exercises which aim to bring balance to the nervous system and prepare for meditation. Scientific research now shows how focused breathwork can improve the health of the immune and cardiovascular systems while stimulating the vagus nerve, a key to the relaxation response. 


This course is a natural progression from the Thursday evening breathwork and meditiation sessions, although prior participation is not a prerequesite. 

Traditionally Pranayama is practised on an empty system, early in the morning. 

Sessions will therefore be held from 8 - 9.15 am, online via Zoom.

The benefits of Pranayama are best felt with consistent personal practice. To that end, students will be given a set of practices to work on at home during the 6 weeks to allow for consolidation and integration.

Investment  £55 

Course runs from Monday August 3rd to September 7th inclusive.

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